Memory Exercise

How adept are you at remembering the name of a party guest or a business man to whom you’ve been introduced for the first time? How often do you find yourself failing to retain a short term objective when passing from one room to another? For some of us, age, sadly enough, may not be our memory’s best friend. Are we losing it? Take our little test… Click on the image below. If you aced it…  Geoff Nate wants to know your secret.

Memory Exercise


3 thoughts on “Memory Exercise

  1. Nancy Bloch

    Liked this brain game. Will you add more each blog?

  2. Pat Fuller

    Geoffrey – This is interesting. I thought I’d do better than I did. Maddening!!

    Cousin Pat

  3. Cookie Miller

    What does it mean if i can’t get past the 4th level? Should I remember to worry?

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