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Scan0074“Bits and Pieces of an Ordinary Life”

Blog eight includes two features this week which can be accessed by selecting the (OPEN) option following each preview below.

Elayne Spelled Elayne In a city loaded with “Angels,” how could a young man surrounded by beautiful Hollywood starlits-to-be ever fall into the proverbial “Tender Trap?”   (OPEN)

The Bris Tradition?… Not to the Catholic sisters. “What’s done is done.” But Baby Boy Nathanson’s grandfather had other ideas with the help of an uninvited Sunday morning mohel. (OPEN)

“Begged and Borrowed”

Democracy in Egypt Can WaitA sane perspective on the Egyptian “coup” from Charles A. Kupchan for the New York Times Saturday, August 17, 2013.  (OPEN)

“Etc. Etc. Etc.”

Memory Test A short drill for Geoff Nate’s aging readers who think (or know) they are losing it. (OPEN)


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